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I am not a conspiracy theorist. People who know me will tell you that I am a 'Facts and Figures' guy who is not interested in speculation, but only wants to deal with hard indisputable data. If you see anything in the following information that you think is wrong, let me know. But I am convinced by the evidence that I have researched that everything I say is true. You will notice that I have used quotes when referring to these coronavirus 'vaccines', the reason being that nearly all of them are not 'vaccines' at all, but DNA-modifiers that will irreparably alter a person's genetic structure.


This video clip has authoritative information from the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the primary American agency dealing with health issues and pandemics. The revelations are shocking, but are certainly not a surprise to me, considering that I exposed similar information about deaths in aged care in Australia.

Nearly all of the alleged COVID-19 deaths in Australia occurred in Victorian aged care facilities in early 2020. I discovered back in April 2020 from a number of people on the inside of the Victorian health system that most of those deaths were not from coronavirus, but were from pre-existing terminal ailments such as various cancers, heart failure, renal failure, emphysema, stroke, dementia and other diseases. Yet those whistleblowers revealed that Victorian doctors and aged care facilities were being paid by the government for every person whose death certificate stated that they had died from COVID-19, even when nearly all of them died from something else.

The same thing has been happening in the USA, where COVID-19 is rarely the actual cause of death among coronavirus patients. These people died from influenza and pneumonia, chronic lower respiratory diseases, hypertensive diseases, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure or arrhythmia, cerebrovascular disease, circulatory disease, sepsis, neoplasms, diabetes, obesity, dementia, renal failure and other reasons other than coronavirus. But doctors have literally been paid to register those deaths as being from COVID-19 and that is obviously part of the scam.

This is why those deaths of elderly people that have occurred in NSW in July 2021 need to be examined, because the government has not released any information as to whether those deaths were caused by COVID-19 or from pre-existing terminal illnesses. Going on the information from the CDC in the above video, I strongly suspect that those deaths were not solely from COVID-19 or probably not at all, but they are being used to terrify Australians and coerce them into being injected by those poisons masquerading as 'vaccines'. This revelation merely proves what I have been saying since April 2020 about those deaths in Melbourne not being from the virus.


Here is a report from Norway that shows how authorities fudge their death reports to whitewash the real cause of death.

Yes, that's how they do it. When elderly people died from these poisonous 'vaccines', the authorities claimed that they died in line with normal death rates for this demographic. But when elderly people died from a range of pre-existing terminal diseases such as cancer, heart failure, dementia, stroke, kidney failure, diabetes and all the rest of them, but they were allegedly tested positive for coronavirus, then they were declared as dying from the virus, even if they were completely asymptomatic. This sort of bullshit scamming was happening in Melbourne's aged care facilities in the first part of 2020.


On 19 July 2021, New South Wales Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said that asymptomatic people active in the community are spurring consistently high COVID case numbers. Announcing 98 new cases, including 37 who were infectious in the community for at least one day, she said that there were misunderstandings circulating.

She said that health officials were being presented with the question: "If I am well, how can I possibly infect someone else?" But with the Delta variant spreading, people were passing on the virus before they had begun showing any symptoms at all. "The reality is, you don't know," she said. "You don't know that you have the disease and actually with the Delta variant, you are most likely to spread it to others, even just before or around the time before you have symptoms."

Yes folks, this allegedly devastating Delta variant of the coronavirus is so deadly that most people who are infected with it have no idea that they are infected and they don't feel a thing. It's not like what happened during the 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic where people were literally dying in the streets. And these idiots in the NSW government health sector are trying to convince people that they should rush off and allow themselves to be injected with poisons because of this. This is the sort of bullshit that is inundating the people of Australia on a daily basis.


By pushing the notion that the deaths of a few elderly people in one week in July allegedly from coronavirus is some sort of big deal, the NSW government propaganda is easily exposed as being ridiculously stupid. In the same week in Sydney that those elderly people allegedly died from the virus, a whopping 125 people died in the Sydney area, who were mostly elderly and mostly suffering from a range of terminal illnesses.

Here is a list of 125 deceased people that I culled from the Sydney Morning Herald death notices that were posted between 12 and 17 July 2021 - just five days. There is no privacy issue by doing this, as those names were published in the public domain. The names are in alphabetical order and if there are doubles, it is because two people with the same surname died. Most of these deceased people were elderly, some very much so.

Some or all of the alleged coronavirus deaths may be on that list. I don't know, because the NSW government will not reveal their names and even worse, admit that they probably died of a terminal disease and not directly from coronavirus. In other words, at their age they most probably died WITH the virus, not FROM it.

I think that it is fairly safe to assume that the number of people dying in the Sydney region would be much the same every week. So being rather generous and multiplying just 120 deaths by 50 weeks to account for anomalies, it would be reasonable to assume that at least 6,000 people - mostly elderly and mostly with terminal illnesses - die in the Sydney region every year.

Yet the NSW government is making propaganda out of the fact that some very elderly people, two well into their 90s, died of coronavirus. They could have very well died of old age and just caught a sniffle from the virus or had been completely unaffected by it. But the government will not tell us, because that would be embarrassing and expose the stupidity of their claims about the virus.


A newsletter published by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) stated that it is known that chronic health conditions can be a risk factor for severe COVID-19. Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has shed light on the prevalence of co-morbidities among those who contracted the virus and died in Australia. The report, released on 28 October 2020, revealed that 72.7% of the 682 people who died of coronavirus in Australia up to 31 August 2020 had at least one pre-existing chronic condition listed on their death certificate, with dementia being the most common.

The ABS stated that among these 496 deaths, dementia was noted on 41% of death certificates, chronic cardiac conditions on 32%, diabetes on 17% and hypertension on 16%. As well as co-morbidity, the data gives insight into diseases that emerged among those who died, as a consequence of COVID-19. Among the 682 deaths, conditions caused by COVID-19 were reported for 366 people. Pneumonia was the most commonly reported consequence of COVID-19, reported on 54% of those 366 death certificates. Respiratory failure (16%), other infections (13%) and cardiac complications (10%) were also reported, allegedly as consequences of COVID-19.

The highest number of COVID-19 deaths occurred among those aged 80 to 89 (294) and overall more females died (355) compared to males (327 deaths). During the same period, COVID-19 was listed on an additional 18 death certificates, however they were not included in the total tally, as the virus was not recorded as the underlying cause of death. In other words, nearly all those people in aged care were already dying of terminal diseases and some of them were just pushed over the line by catching a dose of influenza called coronavirus. This has happened every single year in aged care facilities, yet nobody made a fuss about it before.


The world has been conned into calling COVID-19 a 'pandemic'. Going on hard facts and statistics, this coronavirus does not even come close to deserving such a title. The death rate from COVID-19 in Australia was quoted by the government to be just 0.3% in infected people, lower than the death rate from the usual respiratory diseases such as influenza that Australians catch in a typical year. But the death rate from COVID-19 in Australia since the start of 2021 was ZERO until July, where a few elderly people, including some in their 90s who were already at death's door allegedly died from coronavirus. Yet no state governments did a damn thing in 2019, when around 15,000 people died of respiratory diseases, including seasonal influenza.

The infection and death rate has nothing to do with quarantine or border control. For instance, if a particular disease has a death rate of 1%, it doesn't matter whether infected people are out in the community, locked up in quarantine or even on the moon. One out of 100 infected people who are untreated will die on average, no matter where they are. That's what a mortality rate is of a particular disease - deaths per 100, no matter where they are. By comparison, here are the mortality rates for some well-known real pandemics:

But in 2021, with many thousands of people tested positive for coronavirus, just a few elderly people allegedly died, most probably from a co-morbidity rather than just from the virus, including two in their 90s and one in his 80s. One would expect such people to die of either natural causes or whatever diseases they had at the time. So why is the NSW government making such a big deal of this, when another 20 to 30 elderly people die every day from causes other than coronavirus?


On 18 June 2021, Radio 2GB shock jock Ray Hadley interviewed Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt. Apart from Hunt's propaganda about encouraging everybody to be 'vaccinated' with experimental chemicals, Hunt admitted - ON THE RECORD - that there had been ZERO deaths from coronavirus in Australia that year. Here is the audio clip and transcript:

So it was confirmed by the nation's Health Minister Greg Hunt that nobody died in Australia from coronavirus from January 2021 up to the middle of June 2021. Has there ever been a pandemic in the history of Australia where nobody has died from the disease in a period of 6 months when coronavirus was rampant in the community? Of course not. Every disease has a mortality rate. Pancreatic cancer, has a mortality rate of 50% or so. Ebola virus has a mortality rate is anything between 20% and 80%. It's not zero.

But here in Australia, amazingly enough - and according to our very own Federal Health Minister - the current SARS-2 coronavirus has had a mortality rate of ZERO for the first half of 2021 and just a few deaths of very elderly people in July 2021 who most probably died of pre-existing terminal illnesses. People will argue that 910 people died in early 2020, nearly all of them in Melbourne aged care, but credible reports have stated that nearly all of them died of pre-existing illnesses such as cancer, stroke, emphysema, dementia, regular influenza, pleurisy and other common diseases. Yet doctors were caught registering the cause of death of these people as being from coronavirus and many of the relatives of the deceased complained bitterly about it.

The government made a big deal of these deaths of elderly people, in order to push its agenda to pump poisons into everybody in the name of 'vaccination'. The more interesting statistic would be to compare the deaths those who allegedly died of the virus to the number of deaths of all people in their 90s from any cause since the beginning of 2021. Government figures show that unexpectedly, the highest death rate in Australia is by people 90 to 99 years old. It would make those two death of 90 year old people allegedly from coronavirus (and we have seen no evidence that they did actually die of the virus) completely insignificant by comparison.


Eminent Canadian medical specialist Dr Roger Hodkinson made a very interesting speech that blew the lid right off this whole Coronavirus Scam. He said that what governments are doing to try to contain the virus is doomed to failure, yet those governments are destroying their own nations in the process. Watch this video clip.

The truth is that the cat is truly out of the bag. Nobody ever managed to contain any virus by any means. Whether it was the Spanish Flu, SARS-1 or any seasonal virus outbreak, they had to run their course and in most cases, people developed herd immunity. But our governments will not even permit anybody to be treated or cured by medications that are known to be effective.

Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan, who defected from China and fled to the USA, blew the whistle on the whole Coronavirus Scam, claiming that the Chinese Communist Party had deliberately weaponised a virus strain, giving credence to the findings that coronavirus was indeed deliberately released from that biochemical laboratory in Wuhan. However, Dr Yan categorically stated that Hydroxychloroquine was known to be very effective against coronavirus and of all people, she was an insider in Chinese virology and she should know.

So the question is - why the hell are people around the world not being treated with this medication? Why are governments, especially the federal and state governments of Australia, not at least trying to treat coronavirus victims with Hydroxychloroquine, but are coercing and even trying to blackmail people into being 'vaccinated' with poisons that have been killing far too many victims? Hydroxychloroquine is just a harmless anti-rheumatic drug and tests have shown it to be effective against coronavirus, but it is not being given to infected people and that really is a crime of monstrous proportions.


I checked the death notices in the Sydney Morning Herald on 14 July 2021. What did I find? There were 21 death notices of elderly people. And this is the average number of death notices per day. So it is easy to see that there would have been well over 3,800 death notices in the Sydney Morning Herald since the beginning of 2021. Even if it can be assumed that 800 of those deaths were of people younger than 70 years old, it means that 3,000 elderly people died for all sorts of reasons, such as old age, cancer, dementia, ischaemic heart disease, stroke, even seasonal influenza. Did the government make any noises about those 3,000 people? I am guessing at the exact number, but I don't think that I am far off the mark, going on those death notices.

This shows how crazy it is to lock down an entire city of 5½ million people because a few very elderly people died of a version of influenza called coronavirus COV-2-SARS. We are being punished with lockdowns and all sorts of restrictions, forced to wear masks that don't keep any virus out - and for what? A 'pandemic' where most infected people do not even know that they are infected until they are told so? Have you ever had a respiratory illness, even a mild cold, where you didn't know it? It is sheer insanity.



Here is some research that I did on the masks that we are being forced to wear. A coronavirus virus strand is around 50 to 140 nanometres - microscopic. The average paper or cloth mask has a porosity of around 500 nanometres. A coronavirus strand will sail through one of those masks as if it does not exist. One of my friends gave me the analogy that wearing a paper or cloth mask to stop coronavirus is the same as erecting a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes. Watch this video clip.

This is hard indisputable evidence that every cloth and paper mask except for the N95 respirator variety is completely useless against stopping coronavirus from going through the mask as if it does not exist. The World Health Organisation stated that if people do not have coronavirus symptoms, they should not wear those masks.

This was confirmed by the statement from the Western Australian Health Minister Roger Cook, who said, "To wear them as a fit and healthy person in the street is not going to provide you with any greater level of protection." So if government health ministers know this - and they obviously must know, why the hell are States such as NSW and Victoria mandating the compulsory wearing of those useless masks and fining people who refuse to wear them?

In other words, making people wear ineffective masks is a population control exercise and has nothing to do with health, apart from making people breathe in the mucus and other excreta that lands on those masks. Not only that, wearing those masks has been found to severely increase the amount of carbon dioxide breathed in. An elevated level of CO2 in the body is very dangerous, causing hypercapnia, tachycardia and even photophobia, among many syndromes. And if you think that our government's boffins didn't know this very easily found information, you are kidding yourself. The government would have known this right from the start.

On 24 June 2021, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated on radio that wearing masks is the "Fourth line of defence against the virus". She would have to know that those masks are absolutely no defence at all against any virus, but can be very dangerous to the health of the wearers. I challenge Berejiklian and anybody else to disprove what I say. All I can say is that either Berejiklian must be very ill-informed, or she is part of the 'Great Fake Pandemic Scam'.

The above video clip should be used as evidence in court against fines for refusing to wear those masks. I cannot see how any magistrate could possibly uphold such a fine, when the World Health Organisation and a State Health Minister have declared - ON THE RECORD - that those masks are useless against coronavirus and it can be shown that wearing them is a health hazard. I personally would advise everybody to simply refuse to wear a mask and use the evidence in this article, along with the provisions of the Biosecurity Act 2015 to destroy any penalties that are imposed for such refusal.


It is most interesting to note that the manufacturer notes that are included in every Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that is being used in Australia and the rest of the world to test for coronavirus emphatically states that this test should not be used for coronavirus. No wonder that there are so many false positive results from this PCR test, when it is eminently unsuitable for the task, according to its maker.

It is hard to understand why this PCR test has been approved for this purpose by Australian governments, when it is known that it is useless and that message is enclosed with every PCR test kit. Why are these governments not being challenged on this issue, when all that somebody has to do is to wave the manufacturer's advice in their faces? This is government insanity at its worst.


In July 2021, broadcaster Alan Jones revealed that every coronavirus test costs $200. In the 24 hours to 23 June 2021, 93,910 people were tested and that seemed to be happening every day in July. So a simple calculation - 93,910 x $200 - means that in just one single day, the taxpayer forked out nearly $19 MILLION for those tests. On 24 July, 102,000 people were tested at $200 each, meaning that the taxpayer was hit with a cost of $$20.4 MILLION. So taking an average of $20 MILLION per day, it will cost $60 million per month if this idiocy continues.

On 23 July 2021, the NSW government's Health NSW website stated that from 01 January 2021 to 21 July 2021, just over 6 months, a whopping 8,401,327 coronavirus tests were administered. Again, a simple calculation - 8,401,327 x $200 - reveals that the taxpayer coughed up nearly $1.7 BILLION. And for what? This flagrant abuse of taxpayer money has not stopped the spread of coronavirus and in fact in July 2021, the virus is spreading without a sign of easing up.

Along with the lockdowns, the catastrophe of tens of thousands of businesses and jobs being lost, the virus is tearing through the community unchecked, but the only people who have died have been very elderly, mostly in their 80s and 90s who most probably had a range of co-morbidities that were the real cause of death. Did any of these bastards in the NSW government suffer for inflicting this disaster on the state?

Of course not. Premier Berejiklian, Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant still received their fat pay checks while so many people were financially destroyed. Note that the same is happening in Victoria and Queensland and this insanity will detrimentally affect the whole nation and destroy it economically. If China really did weaponise this virus for the purpose of destroying western economies, it succeeded beyond measure.


A real vaccine introduces small live or dead samples of a disease into a person to trigger antibodies that will fight the disease and develop an immunity to it. But these coronavirus 'vaccines' are not vaccines at all. They are mRNA gene modifiers that act on a person's genetic structure, altering it forever - and who knows what long-term consequences will result? They have not been tested for years like real vaccines and other medications. What I am saying is that this 'vaccination' push is the biggest and most dangerous uncontrolled medical experiment conducted on the human race, with no idea of the long-term consequences. Incidentally, all the Big Pharma companies that produce those 'vaccines' have patented them as gene therapies, not vaccines.

My point is this - what will happen, if a few years down the track, people start having massive genetic problems that cannot be cured because of the DNA modification that these mRNA 'vaccines' have permanently caused? I remember when Thalidomide was touted as the wonder drug for pregnant women and an entire generation of severely deformed or stillborn kids was the result. What if something like this happens with these mRNA 'vaccines'? What will the government do? Say "Sorry, we made a massive mistake, so we really apologise for you growing a second head and your child being born with no arms or legs." It's too damn late by then - ask any of those crippled Thalidomide kids.


But the telling factor is that governments around the world - including the Australian government - have fully indemnified themselves and the Big Pharma companies that produce these 'vaccines' from being prosecuted or sued. That tells me right now that those governments know that there will be massive problems for 'vaccinated' people in the future and those governments are protecting themselves and Big Pharma against massive legal class actions by victims. Those governments and Big Pharma know damn well that there is no reversal of the effects of their 'vaccines'. Whatever damage they do to people, whether they cause all sorts of permanent ailments or death, there's no remedies. Those 'vaccinated' people will be stuck with the consequences from allowing themselves to be injected with experimental poisons.

The fact that governments are protecting themselves and the makers of these 'vaccines' from litigation is shown by the raft of waivers that people have to sign in order to be 'vaccinated'. Try getting inoculated without signing your legal and civil rights away. You will be refused the 'vaccine' and that is actually something to keep in mind, should a law be passed to make those vaccines compulsory. Refuse to sign the waivers and chances are that they will refuse to poison you with their so-called 'vaccines'.


The US CDC released a document dated 30/12/2020 titled. 'COVID-19 Vaccines: Update on Allergic Reactions, Contraindications and Precautions'. Halfway through the document, there is a chart titled, 'Ingredients Included in mRNA COVID vaccines'. The right-hand side of the chart shows ingredients in the Moderna vaccine. The fifth ingredient down is 'SM-102: heptadecan-9-yl 8-((2-hydroxyethyl) (6-oxo-6-(undecyloxy) hexyl) amino) octanoate'.

A document published on 11/04/2021 by the manufacturer of SM-102, Cayman Chemical Company of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is called 'Safety Data Sheet acc. to OSHA HCS'. This data sheet lists the effects of SM-102. The opening note states: "For research use only, not for human or veterinary use." Then the safety data sheet lights up with adverse effects and warnings regarding SM-102. For example: "Suspected of causing cancer. Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child. Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects."

The fact is that SM-102 is being INJECTED into the body via the Moderna 'vaccine'. This is not inhalation or skin contact. And once deep within the body, where does SM-102 travel as it causes damage along the way? What will governments tell people who allowed themselves to be injected with this Moderna 'vaccine' and wind up with terminal cancer? What will they tell women who received Moderna and gave birth to grossly deformed kids? Telling victims 'Sorry' doesn't exactly fix things.


Research all over the world has revealed that these DNA-altering COVID 'vaccines' are killing and crippling people who have been injected by these experimental poisons. Watch this video clip.

The worst aspect of this is that governments damn well know of these issues, since their own statistics reveal how many people have died or been permanently disabled by these 'vaccines'. Yet all those governments keep pushing these poisons onto their populations instead of treating coronavirus with medications that have actually been proven to be effective, such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Chlorine Dioxide, along with common anti-viral medications such as Doxycycline. These governments are literally allowing people to be murdered and crippled because there is some sinister agenda in pushing those 'vaccines' at the expense of lives.


Airline pilots are constantly medically tested and are required to be in far better health than most others in the community because of their profession. It is rare for even one airline pilot to die in a year while certified to fly. Yet in 2021, four British Airways pilots died suddenly after being 'vaccinated' with these poisons. One cargo aircraft pilot who had been 'vaccinated' collapsed at the controls literally on the runway, fortunately just before attempting a take-off.

And between February and May 2021, five JetBlue Airlines pilots based at Boston Logan Airport died after being 'vaccinated' with those coronavirus poisons. They were:

The interesting thing about Captain Ingraham is that his cause of death was fabricated as being from cancer. Yet there is no way on earth that any pilot diagnosed with cancer would be permitted to fly. In fact all five of those dead pilots were flying in normal operations when they died. This death rate among pilots who are required to be extremely healthy and who are constantly being medically checked before being allowed to fly is unprecedented. These deaths are not coincidental, but are obviously caused by these poisons masquerading as 'vaccines'.

But airline CEO's are knowingly placing the lives of pilots, air crews, passengers and even those under flight paths at risk by coercing pilots to be injected or lose the right to fly those lucrative international routes and thus lose their jobs. It has been said that at some time soon, all pilots will be forced to be 'vaccinated' with these poisons, despite the deadly problems that the 'vaccines' are causing. If so, flying in airliners may become a very risky business indeed. I imagine that the various pilot unions and associations might have something to say about this.

This is scary enough, but at least airliners require two pilots at the controls. But just imagine what would happen if pilots started dying at the controls of charter aircraft in single pilot operations. I know about this very well, having spent the best part of 30 years as a commercial charter pilot flying aircraft with only myself at the controls. I can imagine the terror of my passengers if I suddenly collapsed and died at the controls while at a high altitude because I had been 'vaccinated' with any of these poisons.

One US broadcaster has speculated as to whether airlines are deliberately forcing their pilots to die from these 'vaccines' for a very interesting reason. Now I have no idea if it is true or not, but I must say that nothing much surprises me anymore, especially after the World Trade Centre atrocity, which I proved with indisputable evidence to have been caused by the administration of President George W Bush and his neo-con friends and certainly not Osama Bin Laden. You can examine my findings here - World Trade Centre Scam and I can confidently say that nobody so far has been able to disprove anything that I have stated.

This broadcaster theorises that airlines are doing this in order to bolster their case for pilotless airliners, operating them like those US military drones. Pilots, especially senior captains, are very highly paid and if airlines eliminated pilots from their operations, they would save many billions of dollars every year. They could merely have drone operators controlling 20 aircraft each from the ground. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), those aircraft could literally be programmed to operate autonomously.

Of course this sounds like yet another conspiracy theory, except for the fact that because of the high level of automation on modern airliners, many airline companies are pushing for single pilot operations and that is a fact. Right now, there are over 330,000 active airline pilots in the world. If this were allowed, it would eliminate well over 100,000 pilots, saving airlines an absolute fortune.

The truth is that modern airliners are so automated, that pilots literally only perform hands-on take-offs and literally within the first 1000 feet of altitude, mere seconds from leaving the runway, most airlines require pilots to engage the autopilot. With most airliners having full Autoland equipment, these aircraft can literally land accurately on runways in nil visibility and come to a safe stop. Some can even use GPS to taxi to their respective gates. With current technology, there is no reason why those airliners could not operate without pilots. It would be no surprise if airlines pushed for this system, mainly as a massive cost-cutting exercise, but using safety as the pretext.

So the next time you are thinking of flying on an airliner, just consider that your pilots could have been poisoned with these coronavirus 'vaccines' and could literally die at the controls at 40,000 feet. Then what? I mean - as a former commercial pilot, I could probably do the 'Disaster Movie' thing and race into the cockpit and take the controls and bring the aircraft to land somewhere. But could you? I know one thing for sure. I won't be stepping one foot onto an airliner unless I am guaranteed that neither pilot has been injected with any of these coronavirus poisons.


Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe explains what happens to people after they are injected with these coronavirus 'vaccines'. The Canadian authorities who are pushing these poisons are doing their best to discredit Hoffe and his fellow doctors who support him, but everything that Hoffe says makes all the sense in the world. And his own patients who have been 'vaccinated' back him up to the hilt.


Many people have become severely ill or even died of blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca 'vaccine', but more reports are emerging about other serious adverse effects. In May 2021 in the USA, otherwise very healthy teenagers and young adults who received COVID-19 'vaccines' experienced heart inflammation called myocarditis. A US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention advisory group recommended further study of the rare condition. And all this risk for a virus that has a death rate lower than that of seasonal influenza. Not only that, some people who received one of the alleged 'vaccines' went on to catch coronavirus anyway.

In June 2021, Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen, who plays for Italian team Inter Milan, suddenly collapsed on the field with cardiac arrest. Here was a young, very fit and healthy athlete at the top of his form, suffering a full-blown heart attack. If it had not been for the quick thinking of his team mates giving him first aid, he would have died there and then. He was eventually released from hospital after having a pacemaker installed. In other words, Eriksen now has permanent heart damage and requires that pacemaker to try and prevent another heart attack.

It was revealed that Eriksen was injected with the Pfizer 'vaccine' on 31 May. It is well-known and publicised by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) that the Pfizer 'vaccine' causes heart inflammation such as myocarditis, pericarditis and other dangerous problems. This is apart from other serious side-effects that may be long-term and yet unknown. Did the Pfizer 'vaccine' cause Eriksen to virtually die on the football field before he was revived and rushed to hospital? There is a very good chance that this was exactly what caused the issue, as many otherwise healthy young people reported suffering from myocarditis shortly after being injected with the Pfizer poison.


People around the world have been deliberately given the false impression that these COVID-19 'vaccines' will somehow immunise them from catching coronavirus or spreading it. This is complete crap and the fact that the global propaganda machine is pushing this fabrication is very dangerous. Here is the truth:

So these alleged DNA-modifying gene-altering 'vaccines' will not give immunity against coronavirus, as has already been demonstrated by many fully 'vaccinated' people being infected by the virus. Yet a number of otherwise healthy people have died around the world from blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca 'vaccine' and some people with no health issues have died from totally unexplained causes shortly after receiving some of the other varieties of COVID-19 'vaccines'. The risk of being 'vaccinated' by these poisons far outweighs any alleged benefits, when we know that these 'vaccines' will not provide immunity against coronavirus.


The uselessness of those 'vaccines' was confirmed ON THE RECORD. After a huge outbreak of coronavirus in Sydney on 25 July 2021, senior NSW health official stated that of the 141 allegedly infected people, 140 had already been 'vaccinated' with the full double dose of those poisons. So what happened? Of those 140 people:

So those 'vaccines' were useless against the virus and those people who succumbed to being poisoned by them still wound up in hospital, some in Intensive Care. On a percentage basis, it means that 99.3% of those fully 'vaccinated' people still became infected.

And on 23 July 2021 in the USA, it was reported that at Stanford University, seven fully 'vaccinated' students were infected with coronavirus. Reports of fully 'vaccinated' people becoming infected and even dying of coronavirus are emerging every day. Knowing this, why would any sane person subject themselves to being injected with any DNA-altering poisons, when the survival rate from coronavirus is a whopping 99.97% anyway - that is, if they are actually infected with the virus in the first place?

People have more chance of being hit by lightning than catching coronavirus, let alone dying from it. The only logical conclusion that any sensible and logical person can draw from the above examples is that the risk of permanent genetic damage and even death from those 'vaccines' is far greater than the effects of coronavirus. Therefore if those 'vaccines' will not stop fully 'vaccinated' people from catching coronavirus and ending up in hospital, I would advise everybody to refuse to be 'vaccinated'. Just don't take this stupid risk to your life. Ignore all the government propaganda that is pushing everybody to be 'vaccinated'.


There have been a number of people posting articles and video clips in regard to the COVID swabs that are being used to test people by poking them up noses. It seems that those swabs are sterilised with Ethylene Oxide (EtO), which is widely used as a sterilisation method, but is listed as a known carcinogen. Here is a description of this chemical and its toxicity, taken from various reputable medical websites.

Many government and medical officials claim that COVID swabs sterilised with Ethylene Oxide are perfectly safe. I have no idea whether this is true or not. Those swabs might be completely dry in their sealed packets, but when they come in contact with moisture inside a person's nose, there is every chance that a speck of Ethylene Oxide will remain in the nose and possibly cause a serious health problem.

I do know that I don't really want anybody poking something into the wet mucous membranes in my nose that could possibly expose me to any form of cancer. So I have put this information here so that people can make up their own minds as to whether they should permit themselves to be tested or not with those swabs. I have made my decision and it is up to you to make yours.


According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website in July 2021, Innova Medical Group is recalling its SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test. The FDA has identified this as a Class One recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death. At least 77,339 kits were being recalled.

The test kit was recalled because performance claims did not accurately reflect the performance estimates observed during the clinical studies of the tests. The test kit also presents risk of showing false positives as well as false negatives. "The performance characteristics of the test have not been adequately established, presenting a risk of false results," said the FDA.

People who were tested using these devices, such as health care providers and organisers of large testing programs, may have been affected by the defective tests. Yet the manufacturers of these defective and dangerous test kits have been indemnified by all sorts of waivers and laws that deny affected people any legal recourse for damages. The same goes for all the other coronavirus test kits that have been treated with Ethylene Oxide, a known carcinogen. There should be massive class actions to overturn those indemnities and sue the daylights out of those manufacturers and the governments who approved them in the first place.


Trying to stop the spread of coronavirus is a losing battle that has so far cost billions of dollars in lost jobs and wages and the permanent closure of tens of thousands of businesses. The lockdowns and the virtual house arrest of millions of people will damage the nation and its economy. It is interesting to note that the nation that was source of coronavirus is not suffering anything in the way of economic damage, as its two major cities - Beijing, where all the politicians reside - and Shanghai, the financial hub of China - have not suffered one single lockdown.

So the question must be asked. Did China weaponise a virus and unleash it onto the world in order to destroy western economies, in order to weaken nations that oppose its attempts to fully annex the South China Sea? Did this virus get released to impoverish nations, so that China could offer financial assistance to them in the now well-known 'China Debt Trap' and take over their assets when those nations could not repay those loans?

It is a valid line of thought, considering that more and more evidence is emerging that China deliberately found a virus and weaponised it at its Wuhan biosecurity laboratory and then it was 'accidently' released - on purpose. And the worst thing is if this is true, it is achieving its goal. Western nations in Europe, Britain, USA and Australia are facing massive and unprecedented financial disaster, while China's two political and financial centres have suffered no damage. Outbreaks in other Chinese cities mean nothing, as the Chinese Communist Party is happy to sacrifice the lives of its own people to further its political aims and that is well-known.


I have posted this item out of interest and I have no idea if there is any truth to it, but it made me think about possibilities. The following article was published in the Irish Sovereign Independent Times in 2011.

I am not into conspiracy theories, but I am certainly interested in real conspiracies and there have been plenty of those in history. What makes this article interesting for me is that all the mainstream media are spending inordinate efforts in trying to debunk it, accusing the Sovereign Independent times of being a conspiracy rag.

Apparently all the mainstream news are claiming that this newspaper article about Bill Gates is a conspiracy theory. They back this up by mentioning that in that particular edition, this paper claimed that the US killing of Osama Bin Laden was a hoax (page 5) and that vaccines cause autism 'within weeks' (page 11).

This really raised my hackles, because I had been researching the World Trade Centre atrocity since 2003 and I had uncovered far too many anomalies in the official US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report that blamed Osama Bin Laden and a bunch of Arabs and Yemenis for committing this act, that I realised that it was completely fabricated. Just read my research here - World Trade Centre Scam. Many people have called me a tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorist, but when I challenged them to prove me wrong, not one of them could do it.

It is more than obvious that Bin Laden was nearly dead from terminal renal failure back before 2000, so in fact the alleged killing of Bin Laden at Abbottabad in 2011 was obviously staged. Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stated on Fox News that Bin Laden was dead and 'on ice' and the Bush administration were thinking of rolling him out for the 2004 election if they needed him. Obviously Barack Obama actually did that in 2011. This is most probably the reason why the USA quickly buried what appeared to be a body at sea without anybody seeing it to verify that it was indeed Bin Laden. Then the mysterious deaths of all those Seal Team 6 troops involved in that operation was far too coincidental to be accidental and most probably they were disposed of in a helicopter 'accident' to stop them spilling the beans about this hoax in the future.


Knowing the way that Americans operate gives more credence to the Sovereign Independent Times article. If they accurately published that the killing of Bin Laden was a hoax and they were right on the money, as far as I am concerned, they could have been right on the money with the Bill Gates report in the same edition. The USA had committed many such atrocities, even way back in 1898 in a deliberate false flag operation that they blamed on Spain torpedoing their warship USS Maine in Havana Harbour.

The Americans deliberately blew up the ship's ordnance magazine and killed 276 of their own sailors, merely to create a false pretext to wage war with Spain and annex a range of then Spanish territories, such as Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam and other holdings. The false flag operation was exposed when an examination of the USS Maine's hull revealed that the hull had blown outwards and not inwards, as it would have done if a torpedo had been fired at it. And there have been many more of these false flag operations and fabricated pretexts since then.

The Americans have committed a litany of war crimes, even stealing what are now the lower states of the USA from Mexico and they engineered the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and literally stole that nation from under the feet of its citizens. So I don't trust anything that the Americans say about anything, especially after the 9/11 false flag operation. I would not be shocked if that article about Bill Gates turned out to be the truth. However at this point, I can only speculate and I advise you to use your own judgement and do some fact-finding yourself. I put that newspaper clip on here to at least make you wonder about it.


Dr Manuel Aparicio Alonso from Mexico has claimed that he has cured thousands of coronavirus patients with Chlorine Dioxide, an inexpensive and effective treatment which is vehemently suppressed by the mainstream media and governments alike. Obviously the companies and vested interests that are marketing these DNA-altering 'vaccines' for many billions of dollars don't want to see a substance that costs a few dollars over the counter from a pharmacy turn out to cure over 99% of coronavirus patients.

Of course the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is warning against the use of Chlorine Dioxide for treatment of coronavirus and that is to be expected. The FDA is part of the drive to push DNA-altering poisons as 'vaccines', so no wonder it is warning people not to opt for a cure for coronavirus that is claimed to work effectively.

At this time, I don't know whether Chlorine Dioxide cures coronavirus or not. I can only go on what this Mexican doctor claims. If what he says is true and this technique was used in Australia and people were cured of coronavirus, the wheels would completely fall off this 'vaccination' propaganda push. At least it should be tested. But what is really worrying is that in Australia, coronavirus is not being treated with known and effective medications, such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Chlorine Dioxide, along with Doxycycline and other anti-viral drugs. The government is suppressing these medications and pushing the coronavirus 'vaccines', which is really insane, but it exposes the agenda to inject as many people as possible with these poisons, rather than cure them.


The bottom line is that as with this bogus climate change scam (I have researched this as well and I have all the facts and figures), the COVID-19 scare and resultant mass 'vaccination' campaign is very dangerous. I can tell you right now that there is no way that I will submit to some DNA-altering drug that could have disastrous long-term consequences and could quite possibly shorten my life dramatically or could kill me quickly. The only thing that I can advise people is to think long and hard about everything that I have said here and just be very wary of the whole COVID-19 scenario, because none of the actual figures and information that various governments have issued add up.


From 26 June 2021, more than five million people in Greater Sydney were being held hostage and under literal house arrest for two weeks. But why? It was because a relatively few people were tested positive for coronavirus that had allegedly only killed a tiny few very elderly people in the whole of Australia in 2021. This is insanity and it is becoming more apparent to a logical person that the only real reason for this ongoing scare campaign must be to frighten people in to allowing themselves to be poisoned by experimental DNA-altering drugs.

What is also becoming very apparent is the total reluctance of reporters and journalists to ask a number of very relevant questions in regard to this 'pandemic' of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard and NSW Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant. Not one single reporter has asked the following questions:


For some reason or other, not one reporter or journalist is asking those very pertinent questions above, which leads me to believe that they have been nobbled. No real journalists worth their salt would refrain from asking those questions of the NSW Premier, the NSW Health Minister and the NSW Chief Health Officer unless they have been specifically ordered NOT to ask those questions. I have watched the NSW Premier give interviews and not one reporter so far has asked any of the above questions.

I would bet that if I had the chance to confront Gladys Berejiklian, Brad Hazzard or Kerry Chant, I would put those questions to them and watch them crap their collective pants. The truth is that they wouldn't be able to answer any of them with any sort of plausibility. Why? Because they have been bullshitting to us that this coronavirus is a pandemic, when just a small number of very elderly people allegedly died from this virus in July 2021 and virtually all the people who have been infected did not even know it until somebody had to tell them.

These questions should have been the first to be asked of the fools who placed Sydney into a hostage situation. If you had the chance, wouldn't you ask those questions? Were such questions not relevant to the situation where an entire international city of more than five million people was literally being placed under house arrest?

The truth is that more people have died from the effects of the AstraZeneca 'vaccine' than from the virus itself. This is not a pandemic - it is complete and utter bullshit. The famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes stated that once the impossible had been eliminated, whatever remains, no matter how implausible must be the truth.

This has to be a gigantic scam and I can't think of any other reason for it, than to scare people into being 'vaccinated'. But there was a news report on 26 June 2021 stating that Singapore, with a population similar to that of Sydney, was not taking any measures to quarantine anybody who tested positive with coronavirus. Very simply, Singapore is doing what Australia should be doing - treating this coronavirus for what it is, a seasonal influenza that has little or no fatality rate and mostly no symptoms. The Singaporeans are a lot smarter than us.

I have racked my brain trying to figure out why Australia is in the grip of this 'pandemic' that is not killing in any numbers or making infected people ill. Eliminating all the really impossible scenarios for this situation, coupled with the refusal of the government's refusal to even contemplate remedies such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Chlorine Dioxide and Doxycycline that have been shown to cure most coronavirus sufferers, there must be some other sinister reason for the mass gene modifier 'vaccination' propaganda push.

I personally believe that the most plausible and logical reason for this scare campaign is to push as many people as possible into allowing themselves to be injected with poisons that could very likely affect them for the rest of their lives - or possibly kill them. Yes, I sound like a mad conspiracy theorist, but I would be interested to hear a better explanation for a 'pandemic' disease that is being promoted as very deadly, yet seems to be far milder than a head cold, according to all reports.

The other coercive propaganda that is happening is that Australians who want to travel overseas will have to get a 'Vaccination Passport'. In other words, if people do not consent to being injected with poisons that have no guarantee of immunising them against COVID-19 and would most probably have very debilitating and detrimental long-term side-effects, then they will not be permitted to travel. It has not happened yet, but it is obvious that the government is fuelling a rumour mill about this possibility to prod people into being poisoned with those 'vaccines'.


Australian State governments have imposed quarantine on healthy people, forced whole populations of cities to wear masks, locked down entire cities and restricted travel and required people to sign into almost everywhere using tracking applications. But it seems that all these measures may be unlawful.

There is a very simple principle in Australian law, that Commonwealth law takes precedence over any conflicting State law. In the case of all these State COVID-19 requirements and restrictions, the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act 2015 Sections 60 to 64 and the federal Privacy Act 1988 Section 94H prove that State requirements such as quarantine, lockdowns, mandatory wearing of masks and the mandatory use of COVID tracking may breach those Commonwealth Acts.

The Biosecurity Act can only restrict people after they have been served with individual Biosecurity Control Orders that have been signed by a judge. There are many requirements that Biosecurity Officers have to meet before even applying for such orders. People have to show physical signs of known diseases. Just testing them for COVID and finding them infected doesn't meet the requirements. They have to have symptoms as well. At the time of writing, there has not been one person who has been served with such a Biosecurity Control Order in regard to coronavirus.

People who have not been served with individual Biosecurity Control Orders should check and ascertain whether they are required to comply with any State directives, such as quarantine, wearing masks or forced to undertake any medical procedures. It is probably safe to say that if a person is challenged by police for failing to comply with State directives in regard to COVID-19, that person would have strong legal grounds to proceed against police and even sue the State for damages, especially when it is known that forcing people to wear masks has severe health risks.

Then there is the Privacy Act that clearly stipulates that people can refuse to use the COVIDsafe application to sign into premises that are open to the public, such as stores, shopping centres, cafes, gymnasiums or anywhere else. There is a question as to whether such refusal under Commonwealth law flows down to State health directives or not.

I personally believe that if Commonwealth law allows people to refuse to be tracked by some smartphone application or by any means, this implies that any State tracking method would also be covered by the Privacy Act 1988. This will be a matter for courts to decide, but I consider that tracking people is a gross violation of their privacy, whether by Commonwealth or State directives and this should be resisted.

Click on the following links to download the relevant sections of the Biosecurity Act and the Privacy Act. Remember that Commonwealth laws that override conflicting State laws and directives.

Biosecurity Act 2015 Sections 60 to 64
Privacy Act 2015 Section 94H

I suggest that you print those two Acts and carry them with you whenever you go out. I also suggest that you print the following card and show it to anybody who accosts you and tries to make you sign into publicly accessible premises or demands that you wear a mask.


If you wish to print business card sized versions of the above COVID card, click on the link to download a Microsoft Word template that can be printed onto an A4 page and has 10 business card sized notices that you can hand to police or store security people. I have already gone to places without wearing a mask or signing in to tracking. After I handed my cards to store personnel, they did not try to enforce the unlawful State 'rules', especially when I informed them that violating my legal rights under the Commonwealth laws listed on those cards involved heavy fines and even jail.

COVID Card Template

It seems that almost everything that State governments are doing in regard to COVID-19 may be illegal, unlawful or unenforceable. In other words, State governments should not be able to force you into quarantine or lockdown if you are healthy. The same goes for wearing masks. Unless you have been served with a Biosecurity Control Order made out to you individually and signed by a judge, you cannot be forced to undergo any medical procedure, which includes wearing masks. And that Order cannot be made unless you are showing physical signs of illness.


Governments may jump up and down and demand that people use the COVIDsafe app, the Service NSW app and other tracking apps to check into public premises. Yet there is no law that compels anybody to download any such app onto their smartphones, let alone be forced to use them.

You can certainly load an app such as the Service NSW app to access your digital driver licence and use other services, but nothing stops you from disabling the camera for that app. I have actually done so, therefore when I am ordered to check into some place or other, even if I hold up my iPhone with camera function to the QR code, the camera will not work and that QR code will not be read. So I will have to manually check in on a paper form and heaven knows what name and phone number I decide to insert.

If you want to do this, just go to Settings on your smartphone and find the particular app and its settings. You will see that the Camera switch will be ON. So switch it off - it's that easy. You don't need the Camera function to use the app and nobody can force you to switch it on. If some security thug or even a cop demands that you load a tracking app, just politely give them the finger and tell them in no uncertain terms that there is no law that can force you to load or use any app.


Here is an audio recording of a guy named Antonio who has a pizzeria at Brighton Le Sands in Sydney. He rang NSW police and asked if he could stop his customers from entering if they refused to wear masks. The audio speaks for itself, proving that the State COVID restrictions are just smoke and mirrors.

Here is a transcript of the relevant parts of the conversation between Antonio and Police:

It doesn't get any clearer than this. Under the Privacy Act 1988, nobody, including police, has the right to ask you for your medical information and obviously some police have been instructed to not badger people for proof of their mask exemption. As for the fines for not wearing masks, neither the State government or police have any real legal grounds to enforce those fines and people who are fined should simply refuse to pay them on the grounds that those fines are unlawful and the forced wearing of masks is dangerous to their health.


Under the Commonwealth Privacy Act, you cannot be refused entry to stores, cafes or any other publicly accessible place if you refuse to sign in using the COVIDsafe application. I believe that this would also flow down to any other tracking application or even signing in on paper. We are entitled to our privacy by law and nobody should have the legal right to track our movements. But read the Acts - they are in plain English.

The bottom line is that if you don't enforce your legal rights, you will lose them by default. We have been bullied enough by our State governments into complying with what may be illegal and unlawful directives and it's time to say - ENOUGH - WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. We need to read and understand the relevant laws and used the law to exert our legal rights.


The one very obvious thing that has become apparent during this entire coronavirus fiasco in Australia is the demonstration of human stupidity and herd mentality. When the coronavirus 'pandemic' first arrived in early 2020, people panicked and rushed to supermarkets and stores to stock up on essential goods and hoard them, just in case they were locked down. So what did these hordes of people buy?

Did they buy food and drink? Yes, but not massive amounts. Did they buy medications? Not much. So what did they buy by the truckload? Yes folks, they bought TOILET PAPER. These imbeciles seemed to be more concerned about wiping their stupid arses than anything else. And in the June 2021 lockdown in Sydney, it happened again, with toilet paper being stripped completely from supermarket shelves.

This sort of insane herd mentality only demonstrates the abject stupidity of the human race and how easily people can be manipulated. The rush to be 'vaccinated' with experimental poisons due to the government's coronavirus scare campaign proves this. The AstraZeneca poison has killed far more people than the virus. But the herd mentality and lack of logic and understanding of even the simplest concepts by Australians is staggering.


The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) releases information in regard to adverse effects COVID 'vaccines' every week and here is information from a report dated 04 July 2021:

According to the above figures, a person being injected with one of those 'vaccines' stands a one in 266 chance of having an adverse reaction, including paralysis, blindness, auto-immune disease, irreversible genetic damage and death. That is what the numbers tell me. There are many false reports about COVID deaths and adverse effects on social media, but the above data came directly from the TGA website. The thing to understand from the above figures is that many people who were injected with those 'vaccines' died and many suffered permanent disability. And all this for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.97%.

Why would anybody be crazy enough to allow themselves to be injected with such poisons and risk dying or being permanently crippled to allegedly protect themselves against a virus that is less harmful than a common cold? It is because of fearmongering, propaganda and bullshit emanating from those who stand to make a massive amount of money from these deadly 'vaccines'. And then there is probably some other sinister reason. But I bet that the government and those pushing these 'vaccines' don't inform those people who are showing up to be 'vaccinated' that they stand a damn good chance of dying or winding up blind or crippled.


Tests at 7 US universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have COVID, but just Influenza A or B. A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory said that he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1500 samples of people tested 'positive' could find COVID-19. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists.

Dr Derek Knauss said: "When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive COVID-19 samples to Koch's postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO COVID in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of COVID. We did not use the bullshit PCR test."

"When we sent the rest of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, they came up with the same result: NO COVID. They found Influenza A and B. Then we all asked the CDC for viable samples of COVID. The CDC said they can't give them, because they don't have those samples."

"So we came to the hard conclusion through all our research and lab work that COVID-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was only called 'COVID,' and most of the 225,000 deaths were from co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary emphysema, etc.. They got the flu which further weakened their immune systems, and they died."

"I still need to find one viable sample with COVID-19 to work with. We who conducted the lab test with these 1500 samples at the 7 universities are now suing the CDC for COVID-19 fraud. The CDC still has not sent us a viable, isolated and purified sample of COVID-19. If they can't or won't, then I say there is no COVID-19. It's fictional."

"Now that COVID-19 is supposedly so bad everywhere, how come not one lab in the world has completely isolated and purified this virus? That's because they never really found the virus. All they ever discovered were small pieces of RNA that were not identified as the virus anyway. So what we're dealing with is just another flu strain, just like every year. COVID-19 does not exist and is fictitious."

Deeply hidden in an official document on COVID-19, the CDC ruefully admitted as early as summer 2020 that it does not have a measurable virus: 'As no quantified (= measured) isolated virus objects of 2019-nCoV are available at this time…'(page 39 of the 'CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel' (July 13) In other words, the CDC, as one of THE leading medical authorities in the world, could not, and still cannot, demonstrate a virus.

In other words, we cannot prove that the people who get sick and are hospitalised, and very occasionally die, were sickened by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, nor can we prove that it caused them to develop a new disease called 'COVID-19.' It could just as easily be a different virus and a different disease. (And since all the symptoms, including severe pneumonia, correspond seamlessly to what flu can cause historically in vulnerable people… 'if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck'.

The logical and scientific implications of this fact are that the structure and composition of something whose existence cannot be proven cannot be known, including the presence, structure and function of hypothetical spike or other proteins. The genetic sequence of something that has never been found cannot be known, nor can the "variants" (mutations) of something whose existence has not been demonstrated. It is therefore impossible to show that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called COVID-19.

With worldwide, government-controlled 24/7 fear propaganda by the mass media, most people have come to believe that there is indeed a life-threatening virus that makes people sick much faster and more severely than seasonal flu. However, even the latter is demonstrably not the case. Influenza A has been the leading cause of death from pneumonia in the developed world for years.


If you want to discuss these matters, feel free to call me. Mobile phone reception is very spotty at my place but I have excellent Internet, so please use a messaging app - I have Facetime, Signal and Telegram. And please feel free to forward this email to your friends and contacts, as this information needs to be spread far and wide. Most importantly, you should check your legal rights under the Australian Constitution, the Biosecurity Act 2015 and the Privacy Act 1988. I would suggest that you should refuse to wear a mask, even on the grounds of personal health and refuse to be tracked by any app or sign in to any premises. If you don't uphold your legal rights, you will lose them and right now, State governments are tricking people into losing their freedoms.

The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost inperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.
Adolf Hitler