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Fender Stratocaster Guitar




Here is a selection of some of the musical equipment that I have owned throughout my career. I still use some of it.

Super Twin Guitar
The guitar that started my career, the awful Super Twin made by Teisco Japan.

Rickenbacker 335 Fireglow guitar
The stunning rare 1966 vintage Rickenbacker 335 Fireglow Export Model.

Gibson ES-175 guitar
My highly customised 1963 vintage Gibson ES-175, one of the most sought-after jazz guitars.

Fender American Stratocaster
The iconic American Fender Stratocaster, the most popular guitar ever made.

Goldentone Amplifier
My first amplifier, the Goldentone 40 watt made in Australia.

Fender Twin Reverb amplifier
The fabulous Fender Twin Reverb 100 watt guitar amplifier.

MusicMan 210HD Guitar Amplifier
The terrific Music Man 210-HD 130 watt guitar amplifier by Leo Fender.

Roland Cube 60 guitar amplifier
My vintage orange Roland Cube 60 guitar amplifier that I bought in 1981 and used for 40 years.

Meazzi Factotum PA
My first PA system, the Italian Meazzi Factotum with built-in tape echo.

Klemt Echolette echo unit, PA amplifier and speakers
My second PA system, the German Klemt Echolette effects unit, M40 mixer amplifier and LE4 speakers

Sennheiser MD-408 Microphone
I had four of these Sennheiser MD-408 Microphones for my first band.

Mackie CFX-12 Mixer
The Mackie CFX-12 Mixer with digital effects that I used with the QSC power amplifier.

QSC PL-380 3000 Watt Power Amplifier
The very powerful QSC PL-380 3000 watt power amplifier.

Electrovoice SX-200 Speakers
My Electrovoice EV SX-200 Speakers - modified with better mid-range horn drivers.

Bose L1 Series 2 PA System
The terrific Bose L1 Series 2 PA System.

Bose S1 Pro PA System
The Bose S1 Pro PA System - amazing performance from a tiny box that I use these days.

Roland TR-626 Drum Machine
The famed Roland TR-626 drum machine.
Roland MT-120 MIDI Sequencer
The Roland MT-120 MIDI Sequencer that I used for my first MIDI programming.

Sony E-10 Professional MiniDisc Recorder
The Sony E-10 Professional MiniDisc Recorder used for backing tracks before the iPad came along.

Beyer M-88N Microphone
My Beyer M-88N Microphone - the best microphone in the world, in my opinion.

Korg Wavestation EX Synthesiser
The fantastic Korg Wavestation synthesiser that I used to program MIDI music backing tracks.

Casio PX-360M Electronic Piano
My Casio PX-360M Electronic Piano - a myriad of features and MIDI for track programming.