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Many scammers offer millions of dollars to potential suckers in the form of ATM cards that can allegedly be inserted into ATM machines and withdraw lots of money. Of course nobody ever sends millions of dollars in pieces of plastic, so any sensible person would know that any such offer is a scam. Having run my honeypot email account to entice scammers, one of the tricks I used was to give a very obvious fake name and demand that the scammers send me photos of these ATM card with all those millions of dollars attached to them.

Here are some examples of the photos of ATM cards that I was sent. Obviously none of them actually existed, as they were just scans of blank or altered credit cards that had been Photoshopped with the bogus names that I provided. But the one thing that I discovered was that the scammers were very ignorant and did not wake up to the very obvious fake names that I was using and didn't have the brains to check the Internet as to what they really were.


For my honeypot email account, I had to find a name to use when responding to scammers, so I came up with 'Throgmorton Tackleberry'. I can't remember where I got 'Throgmorton', but the name 'Tackleberry' came from a character in the 'Police Academy' movies. I thought that it was a fairly preposterous sounding name, but I discovered that there was a 'James Throgmorton' in the USA and scammers had found him on the Internet and assumed that I was this person. I hate to think how many scam emails this poor fellow received from scammers at his official email address. Nevertheless here are a few varieties of ATM cards that scammers concocted for me under that name and variations of it.

After all this, I decided to change my scam name to Willy Wanker, because I was curious to see if any of these scammers actually understood what that name means. Well, obviously not, because I received many ATM cards in that name, as these examples show.

So I wondered how really dumb and ignorant these scammers were, so I changed my name to something that was very obviously a fake name - Daffy Duck. I thought that surely these fraudsters had heard of this world-famous cartoon character, but no - they made me some nice ATM cards under that name, which I still use to bait scammers to this day.

Obviously these scammers were falling for the Daffy Duck persona, so I thought that I would hit them with the most famous cartoon character in the world. Surely even those Stone Age Africans had heard of Mickey Mouse. Obviously not, because I received many ATM cards (graphics of them) made out to good old Mickey and here is one example.

This was really getting ridiculous, but I tried one more cartoon name - Woody Woodpecker. Surely at least one of these scammers would reply and abuse me for using an obviously fake name, but no - I received a few ATM cards made out to Woody.

I decided to get bold and daring and tried a couple of really stupid names, but none of these scammers even bothered to look up what they meant and never questioned me about them. Have a laugh at these ATM cards and the names on them.

But this was the killer. I told a few scammers that I was the President of the USA and I would be pleased to receive an ATM card loaded with millions of dollars, even though the then President was a billionaire. Well, why not? Maybe those scammers thought that the President could use a bit of topping up of his fortune. And this is a sample of what was sent to me. I mean, how really cretinous are these Africans?

Then the devil got into me and I decided to call myself by a name that was so rude that even those dumb Africans would question it, but in fact none of them did so. It was so ridiculous and I got a great laugh from it, but it really drove home to me the massive chasm between the levels of intelligence and knowledge of white Europeans compared to black Africans. Look at the names which these ATM cards are issued and it's hard to believe.

I am still baiting these scammer idiots and asking them for all sorts of things, such as their passports and ID cards. There are samples of these badly forged documents on other pages in this section and they are also good for a laugh.