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Fu King Chinese

English-speaking people looking for a book should probably avoid this book store completely.

Fu King Chinese

One has to ask whether the owner of this restaurant has been told about his big sign. Would you eat here? Probably not.

Prick with a fork

This is a real label from a food packet. But is that bottom line an instruction or a description of the man pictured on that label?

Mike Litoris

This poor blighter should have changed his name a long time ago. But what the hell were Mr and Mrs Litoris thinking when they named him Mike?


This photo was taken in Japan and obviously the Japanese have no idea that the verbal pronunciation of their sign in English is a crude word pertaining to a certain part of the female anatomy. A lot of English speakers would have got a laugh out of seeing this sign.


The moron holding that sign obviously needs to get a brain and learn to spell.

Bimbo Sandwich

This has to be the perfect food for Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. Obviously the Bimbo Food Company does not understand the western connotation of their famed Hispanic business name.

Cock Soup

Some Jamaican with a distinct lack of colloquial English must have grabbed a dictionary and looked up "chicken" and decided that only a male chicken would do for his soup, thus the amusing name of the product.


Very unfortunately for their western markets, Polish company Hellena decided to use the Polish word for "luck" to name their Fart drink. People who didn't know this now believe that a fart can be bottled and sold.

Homo Sausage

Now here is the perfect product to sell at the Gay Mardi Gras. Those flamboyant fairies will fall over themselves to partake of as much Homo Sausage as they can possibly endure.

Shit Begone

The name of this product clearly announces its intent. Obviously every one of the 500 sheets in each roll will consign that shit to complete oblivion. However, it has been 100% recycled, so there may still be traces of shit on it.


Unfortunately, shito is the Ghanaian word for pepper and one enterprising company is marketing its pepper sauce under the "Shitto" name. One can imagine the reaction of western shoppers to the sight of Shitto on their supermarket shelves.

Pee Cola

And you wondered what this beverage was really made from. Those clever folk in Ghana probably don't bother with getting coca beans, carbonated water or any of that expensive stuff - they probably recycle their bodily waste back into those bottles.

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