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AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REGISTER - Search for information about all Australian companies and businesses, such as ABN and business name registration details.

AUSTRALIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA AUTHORITY - The entity controlling communications in Australia. Search for broadcast and amateur radio licence holders and other interesting items.

AUSTRALIAN SKEPTICS - Read about the scams, mumbo-jumbo, superstition and acts of stupidity that afflict the very gullible human race and have a good laugh as well.

BASS VISUALS - Computer 3-D animation expert Paul Jakovich creates footage for VJs, venues, events and creative people who require quality footage for almost any application.

BAVAS MUSIC - Nick Bavarelli stocks and sells the very best musical equipment at competitive prices, catering to the cream of professional performers as well as the general public.

BD REMEDIAL - Bathrooms, laundries and toilets and any wet areas can be waterproofed with the latest state of the art materials and compliance certificates for councils issued by an absolute expert, Steve Bourne. Very highly recommended.

CASTLE HILL AUTO REPAIRS - Excellent automotive service, engine tuning, disc brake grinding and repairs at a very reasonable cost, using modern equipment and techniques. Very highly recommended.

DUCK FOR COVER - Cheap public liability for entertainers and musicians, run by musicians on a voluntary non-profit basis. This insurance is worthwhile having in these days of massive litigation payouts.

GIBSON RESEARCH CORPORATION - One of the most useful sites on the Internet, with awesome resources. Learn how to keep your computer secure from hackers and intruders.

HOAX-SLAYER - A great website for information about those scams and hoaxes that are so prevalent on the Internet. Good for a laugh as well as very informative.

JACOBSON'S JEWELLERY - A fantastic range of gold chains, rings, pendants and precious stones from the manufacturers. These people have incredible skill in repairing and modifying jewellery. Contact Robert Saffo.

JAMES RANDI - The foremost debunker of psychics, clairvoyants and people claiming to have paranormal or supernatural ability. Discover how these crooks really operate and how they con the gullible.

MALWAREBYTES - A fabulous and free anti-malware program that often finds and eradicates viruses, spyware and other nasties that many expensive commercial security programs miss. Highly recommended

MAJOR OAK THEATRE RESTAURANT - For a great night out, you can't go past this establishment, featuring The Great Pretenders stage show and a hearty meal and party atmosphere. Bobby and Mary Bradford and their team will ensure that you have a fantastic time.

NSW DEPARTMENT OF FAIR TRADING - Interesting information available here. Check on your consumer rights and report any crooks or shonky dealers. Keep Australia honest.

NSW OFFICE OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - The authority governing the entertainment business. Important legal information here for employers, agents and performers.

PANDA ARCADE - Paul and Alicia Jakovich and their team develop amazing 3D compouter games for many platforms and have won a number of industry awards. Download their games and have lots of fun.

REVERSE AUSTRALIA - A terrific on-line facility for looking up names and addresses of people from their phone numbers. This is very useful if you have a phone number and don't know to whom it belongs.

SAMURAI KARATE WAVERLEY - A great way to keep fit, stay healthy, discipline your mind and learn to protect yourself at this Shukokai style martial arts academy with highly respected Second Dan Black Belt Sensei Charles Bayliss. Very highly recommended

SCAMWATCH AUSTRALIA - The Australian government scam warning website. Well worth keeping abreast of all the dodgy ripoff merchants trying to part victims with their hard earned money.

SNOPES - A fantastic site that explains and debunks all those urban legends and myths. If you want to know about any of those fantastic sounding stories you read or receive in emails, you will find it on this site.

SKEPTICS ANNOTATED BIBLE - Read all the silly anomalies and fiction that comprises the Old and New Testaments, highlighting the absurdities, intolerance and stupidities that these documents contain.

SKEPTICS ANNOTATED QURAN - An amazing resource that has translated the holy book of the Muslims and has carefully indexed all the anomalies, contradictions, hatred, injustice and intolerance in it.