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NEO-3000 Wireless Desk Phone

Many people in aged care and retirement establishments have difficulty operating a mobile phone. However, most of those people need a phone, but the cost of having a landline phone is expensive, especially for people on very limited incomes, such as pensioners. I can provide the perfect solution for them - the NEO-3000 3G Wireless Desktop Phone.


To get a typical Telstra landline phone installed, there is a fee of $99. Then on a typical no-data plan, such as the Telstra offerings, it costs around $28 per month just for line rental, plus call costs. The Telstra "Basic" plan call costs are 30 cents per local call and fairly expensive call rates to national and mobile numbers.

By comparison, if you had a NEO-3000 desktop phone and used it like a regular landline phone, you could get onto a very cheap Optus or Vodafone SIM-only plan. For instance, some Optus resellers such as Jeenee Mobile and Moose are offering amazing plans, such as $10 per month unlimited talk and text and even include 1GB data. All they charge at setup is $10 for the SIM card.

So there is the difference between the expensive Telstra landline cost that involves an initial setup cost of $127 that includes the first month's line rental plus exorbitant call costs and something like the Jeenee Mobile $10 that involves an initial $20 setup costs including the SIM card and then just $10 per month to ring any standard landline and mobile number all day and night if you like. That works out at $2.31 per week, literally half the price of a cappucino at a café.


I am importing and marketing the fabulous NEO-3000 wireless desktop phone, as per the above photo. It looks and works like a regular phone, but it operates on the mobile cellphone network. It has many important features that are especially useful for seniors and people with some dementia or physical disabilities. Apart from useful features such as loudspeaking hands-free function and an internal battery with around 200 hours standby time that keeps the phone on-line in blackouts, the most important function is the row of shortcut buttons on the right side.

These buttons can be programmed with phone numbers and they are one-touch in operation and far easier to use and understand than the usual speed dial function on many phones. To make a call to a number that is programmed into a shortcut button, the user merely lifts up the handset and presses that button and the phone dials the number. To finish the call, the user just hangs up the handset. This is so simple, especially for a senior who has cognitive, mobility or other issues such as arthritis that makes it difficult to operate other phones, especially mobile phones.


Think about what you paid for your mobile phone and you will realise how inexpensive this phone really is. You just need to arrange a cheap SIM-only mobile phone plan, something like $10 per month unlimited talk and text and I can give you all the information that you need to do this.

IMPORTANT: This NEO-3000 Wireless Desktop Phone can only be used on the Optus or Vodafone network, because Telstra uses a different 3G frequency than the other mobile phone telecommunications networks. However Telstra is invariably more expensive than Optus and Vodafone and there are some amazing plans on offer from those two telcos. Please enquire and I will show you how to get the best and cheapest mobile phone service using this phone and any other mobile phone.

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