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Ziggy Zapata


Ziggy, I saw your guitar floor show at Ascot Ballroom in 1974. (WA) - knocked me out. I felt I knew you ever since - wondered where you had gone. Anyhow, I'm your best fan.

John Henderson (audience member)

Hi Ziggy, it's Nina Grynberg from last night. Thank you so much for coming and for your wonderful performance. You made our evening so special! Thanks again.

Nina Grynberg (host, private function)

Hello Ziggy - Thank you for your part in making our Christmas party a great success once again. We all wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Helen Slade (organiser, Helensburgh Seniors Travel Group)

I’m just taking this opportunity of thanking you for solving my problems with ‘spoofing’ emails that had been annoying me for over a year. I have had no issues since then. Thanks a million!

Alan Webster (musician)

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your assistance yesterday. You are brilliant! Watching you troubleshoot the issues was mastery in action. All working OK here today.

Chris Grsic (entertainer)

Hello dear Ziggy. Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my computer. Every thing is going perfect.

Blas Ojeda (entertainer and computer client)

Hope this finds you well! A friend of mine from college sent me the link to Witch Girl on YouTube this morning and I must tell you it's fab! Just wanted to let you know I've been playing it all day, here in the shadows of New York City and the home of Frank Sinatra, a little town called Hoboken, NJ. John Lodge, bass player of the Moody Blues, and I always talk about the amazing power of music and as he stated in "I'm Just a Singer in a Rock N Roll Band" way back in 1972, about music "Reaching so many people, bridging the seas", well yours certainly did today!

From my almost 15 years at MTV to my current role at a smaller TV production company, I've always been trying to get the "younger" generation I work with to listen to the great music of the 60's. Know that "Witch Girl" will be playing in my office tomorrow:)

Gene Bolan

Hi Ziggy, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your playing on Saturday night at Everglades in Gosford. Pauline and Wally were a bit worried we may not stay after dinner, but I just loved the music and was fascinated watching your hands. Paul and I haven't had a night out like that for a long time. Hope the gig at Smithfield went well and that your audience was a bit bigger. Best wishes.

Helen Blake and Paul Bell

Thank you for ridding my Google account of that fucking spammer. You are the only person that was able to do so. I was backing off sending emails for weeks with that crap appearing each time. I'm much relieved. All the best and thanks again.

Ric Hulbert

Hi Ziggy, just thought I'd let you know I've just been on stage with Phil Golotta (bandleader). He told me you are a world class guitarist. Congratulations.

Alan Webster (Melbourne musician)

My machine is working like a dream, brand new since you fixed it. Thanks again.

Chris Grsic (Computer client)

Hi Ziggy I just want to say a big thank you for helping to make my 70th birthday party such a success. You got the mood set by playing Sarie Marais and Suiker Bossie, my mad younger brother really got into it and gave everyone a good laugh. Everyone enjoyed your music and I must say that this has been my best birthday party ever. The last of my family left to go back overseas on Monday and now life has to get back to normal. Thanks again Ziggy for creating a great atmosphere.

Anna-Maria Cole (70th Birthday function)

Thanks - a lot of comments on how good the music was. Well done.

Judy Squires (Entertainment Director, St Ives Bowling Club)

Ziggy they loved you and of course I will get you back when I can.

Cheers, Maeve (Proprietor of Ted James Theatrical Agency)

Hi Ziggy. Just wanted to say "thank you" very much again for all your help with our computer. We can't tell you how much we appreciate what you did for us and what a pleasure it is now to log on and everything is so quick and easy.

Steve and Barbara Woodhams (Entertainers)

You sir are one of the most morally upright, proactive, socially conscienced gentlemen I have known.

Graeme Keavney (Entertainer)

Thank you Ziggy for your tireless efforts. Boy! Am I glad you're on my team!

Khristina Joy and Pete Di Losa (Musicians)

The crowd enjoyed your show. That is what counts. Isn't that called ENTERTAINMENT! You're excellent at entertaining the crowd.

Cal Walker (King Creole Entertainment)

Congratulations Ziggy!!! (On being nominated in six MO Awards categories)

Maria-Jesus Velasco (Manager, Liverpool Day Care Centres)

Hi Ziggy, Great job on Saturday, it is a real pleasure to work with you.

Bobby Bradford (Proprietor, Major Oak Theatre Restaurant, after a performance)

Hi Ziggy, first of all, congratulations, well done.

Judy Stone AM (Entertainer, for being nominated for an ACE Award)

Thank you for the heads-up Ziggy. This will indeed help us improve our customer service/technical support. Once again thank you for bringing this up into our attention.

Nick (HTC Technical Support, for solving HTC GPS problem)

Thank you for the feedback again, Ziggy. We appreciate the time you took to let us know about these steps and we shall surely be applying these to current issues we have for the HTC Touch HD.

Jessica (HTC Australian Technical Support, for solving HTC synchronisation problem)

Hi Ziggy. If there were a Nobel Prize for effective and efficient solutions to WinMobile's flaws, you would win it perpetually. Thus far your solution has worked with no problems at all (HTC Touch Pro 2...) Thank you very, very much for taking the time to explain it in detail.

Buenox (Windows Community Forums)

Many thanks for all you did for the Relay For Life charity gig, you were outstanding in so many ways last night Ziggy! You made the evening in ways we couldn't even begin to. The PA, the amazing performances, the ease with which you dealt with a difficult room and a sometimes hard audience. What a Pro you are, we are so pleased to have met you and honoured to call you a friend.

Bobby and Mary Bradford (Proprietors, Major Oak Theatre Restaurant)

Thanks so much for doing a great job for mine and Bob's wedding!!! We had a great time as did everybody else listening and being entertained by your music.

Bob and Rae Comtesse (Wedding function)

I've heard thru the spider-web contacts of the Association that you've won a MO Award. I never thought that organisation had much sense. This time (as far as giving you an award) the situation has proved me wrong.

Congratulations, my dear associate. For what it's worth, the Association has ALWAYS held you in high regard. You're the toughest, most dependable, determined instrumentalist that ever set foot on an RSL stage. AND you just happen to be a very fine player, too, that doesn't make us fellow musicians cringe.

Ralph P White (Musician)

Congratulations Ziggy! (regarding the 2009 MO Award) It's well deserved, I am really happy for you.

George Bruno ( Musician and director of Quintone Productions)

Ziggy, Congratulations on your MO Award win. Well done.

Chris Grsic (Entertainer and director, Clubcorp Entertainment)

Again let me say, it is astounding how much work you have done to prepare the MO website. I have now perused it all and am in awe at the extent of it. Congratulations.

Helen Zerefos (Entertainer)

You really deserve to be nominated (for a MO Award). Love you like a brother Ziggy. Thank you and take care.

Mario Borg (Chevy's Entertainment)

Hi Ziggy. What a great job you have done with the (MO Awards) website.

John Campbell (Entertainer)

Thank you always for the work - it is a pleasure working for you.

Mick Aquilina (Entertainer)

Nice site, thanks for information!

Website Form (Comment from yah13ooo@gmail.com)

Congratulations on the ACE Award Nomination

Jen and Dave Gibbons (Gibbo and Co, Entertainers)

Thanks so much Ziggy - you’re a star *****

Jill Sheen (Entertainment Manager, Club Merrylands)

Thank you so much for making the night such a success! You read the group beautifully and really got the night going (your experience showed big-time!) Music can make or break a party and you were spot on. Many many thanks again.

Virginia Edwards (Private function)

Hey Ziggy. Congrats on the MO Award mate. It is well-deserved and long overdue. Jenny said before the show, "If you don't win it then I want Ziggy to win" and I feel exactly the same. All the best and thanks for all your help in keeping the MOs alive.

Dave Gibbons (Gibbo and Co, Entertainers)

By the way Mr Ziggy, Congratulations on the MO award you received. If anyone deserves a MO it is you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie Parry (Melrose Productions)

What a great night. Congratulations on your well-deserved MO Award win. See you in October.

Karen Newlan (Manager, Club Five Dock)

Hi Ziggy. Congratulations on your MO Award last night!!!

Adam Parker (Bear Entertainment Agency)

Dear Ziggy, Congratulations on your MO Award win. It was nice meeting you.

Graham Toole (Entertainer)

Website Enquiry: Hello, Your site is great.

Valintino Guxxi (Via website contact form)

Ziggy, What would we do without you. We can't thank you enough.

Bobby and Mary Bradford (Directors, Australian MO Awards)

Hi Ziggy. The website is looking good. I love the way the photos stand out, thank you so much. Once again thank you.

Monique Fors (Proprietor, Sugar By Design)

Hi Ziggy. The 30th Year Board of Directors have bestowed honorary 'MO' membership on you for all your great work with the website. Many thanks once again for all your help.

Ken Laing AM (Former Executive Director, Australian MO Awards)

Hi Ziggy. Thank you for your help there, last night. I tried the program you sent as attachment and it works perfectly as you have instructed. You are a legend. Many thanks,

Sean Ung (Sales Manager, Achieva Technology)

Hey Ziggy you know something. You run rings around the agents up this part of the country. Thanks.

Cheryl Gillespie (Wife of entertainer Steve Gillespie)

Hi Ziggy. Just a quick note to thank you for putting on such a great show for our wedding anniversary party on Saturday. Having you here really capped off what was a very special night for Nick and me. I hope you weren't too put off by my rowdy family and friends and that you'll come back again next time we have a big bash. Cheers and thanks again.

Christine Forster (Private function booker)

Dear Ziggy. Thanks for the entertainment you provided tonight. Much appreciated.

Andrew (Organiser, International Scientology Convention, Sydney)

Hi Ziggy, Thanks for your email re the booking last Sat night. Well, I got very good feedback about your performance! They liked it A LOT.

Oona Pringle (Oznoise Entertainment Agency)

Hi Ziggy, Just a little note to say "thank you" for making my 50th birthday such an enjoyable and entertaining occasion last night. You were absolutely brilliant and people still can't stop taking about you! Love to you.

Kathy Simpson (Private function booker)